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Top Reasons why Chinese is so dang hard:

  1. Not sure if text reads left to right, right to left, or up to down
  2. Not sure how to pronounce character (2000 beginner, 3000 – inter, 4000 – adv, 5000 – fluent)
  3. 破音字 – change in sound of same character
  4. Dialects (North vs South) shi vs si
  5. Not sure what character they are talking about (什麼什麼的什麼)
  6. There are no “spaces” in Chinese sentences
  7. Can’t tell if it’s a place name, person’s name or a word
  8. Foreign-influenced Chinese (Japanese, English)
  9. Dialect-influenced Chinese (HK, Taiwan, Shanghai)
  10. Tones!!!
  11. Written vs. Spoken
  12. Simplified vs. Traditional
  13. Measure Words
  14. Dictionary is organized by radical or word’s first character sound
  15. Dictionary character lookup is by radical or stroke when sound is unknown and is painfully long process
  16. Romanization Variations of Chinese language esp. in Taiwan and around the world
  17. The method of explaining how a character is written is cryptic and confusing  
  18. There is no thesaurus in Chinese
  19. Writing Chinese uses different punctuation
  20. Dialect Characters have no Mandarin pronunciation and vice-versa (Cantonese, Minnan, Shanghai, Hakka)
  21. Putonghua vs Guoyu

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