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excellent…further re-enforcing the Sunrise method

Chinese About

Having a good learning experience or not largely depend on how you arrange you learning project. Here are three tips for mastering Chinese characters and have a great experience in learning language.

What Are Chinese Radicals –Chinese Character Components

To beginners, each of Chinese Hanzi is standalone and has no connection to others. Not actually, most of Chinese characters are made up by radicals which are Chinese Character Components. Chinese radicals are recurring components which can be combined to make up different characters by one, two, three or more radicals. So some characters are radicals alone, and most Chinese characters are a combination of several radicals.

According to the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press in Beijing, there are 189 radicals used to organize Chinese Characters, fifty of which are thought to be essential for understanding basic communication with Chinese characters. Get to know these Chinese radicals, and you will…

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