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How To ‘IKEA’ Chinese Character On App

If your biggest fear stems from unknown signs, we are here to help you break them down before they do the same to you. We will help you to IKEA (break down and assemble) a character to search its meanings and more.

I relish the achievement gained from a big struggle. If you are the great mind thinks alike, you can try learning Chinese. Yes, you heard me. Simply because its not phonetic language based on an alphabet system, nor its shape is constructed within square, rather than curvy like Latin language. You almost want to give up, but we are here to help you lead into an unknown arena. All you need is,

1. Download free Sunrise Method App on your mobile device (available on iPhone);

2. Ability to count from 1 to 10.

Now, let me introduce, 梦. This is a very dreamy word in Chinese, I promise. You will know why when you learn how to search it in 3 steps.

Step 1: Break it down, choose the layout type on App.

Take a knife, imagine it is written on a cake, In order to keep the parts separated and intacted, cut it into parts First cut is the deepest, but three reveal the layout. You can see clearly the cutting trim on the cake, that is what we define the spatial layout.

Now you will get 木,木,夕 in their position. And find the most similar layout on the app (Top-Bottom for this case)

8 7

Step 2. Count the strokes in layout, list out the options on App

It is still a sign until you know count the strokes of different sections in the layout. It is not rocket science. In this Top-Bottom layout, 林 on the top counts 8 strokes, 夕 at the bottom counts 3 strokes. So in the App, you tap the Top and input 8 as strokes count, then it lists all 8-stroke character parts, then you easily spot ‘林’ ranked high on the list and give it a friendly tap. Yep, it is yours.

3 9

You are smart and you get it. Now do apply the same technique to spot the ‘夕’ at the Bottom section.

5 2

*Tips on Strokes: Stroke is like you lay out a character with match sticks respectively. Usually one stick counts for one stroke. But it is more convenient if you know sometimes some strokes have turns and twists, as if the twist is so small that you can make it by breaking one match stick into at most 4 smaller parts. In this case,

木=4,夕=3, As 梦 has 4+4+3=11 strokes

Step 3. Pick 梦 in search results.

Now tap ‘Search’ on the App, you get the word 梦 in the search result.

1  6

It is not a dream(梦), you can search a Chinese character on your mobile, you can break it down and count the strokes then you begin to view a character in a destructive perspective. Now you have the profile of this character ‘梦’ and that is all you need to know desperately about it. It is even more eye-open and exciting experience you assemble an IKEA furniture or build a LEGO castle, well, you might just have IKEAed a Chinese character. Sounds cool?

Go tell your friends you learned a character today. Wait, what does it call? No worry, we will tell you how to use the app to pronounce any character you search. We will soon publish a post on Learning Pronunciation of Character On Sunrise Method. Stay tune.


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