NiHao and Welcome to Sunrise Method’s website, a product of the Sunrise Group (aka Chinesepda.com).

Sunrise Method is a cooler, quicker, more efficient, and logical way to searching and learning Chinese characters. You basically can now search for an
unknown character by stroke count, spatial layout, sound, English meaning, and any combination of these methods. We also have frequency data so you’ll know what characters you should learn first.

We will be coming out with more detailed examples of the power of “Sunrise Method” soon. Feel free to submit and upload your own video of how cool
Sunrise Method is on youtube and let us know so we can link it.

This app is particularly useful to the intermediate to advanced learner of Chinese. Beginner learners and native speakers of Chinese will also see a benefit, but it will not be intuitive until more time is spent learning characters or see it’s application.

Feel free to offer your feedback to sunrisemethod@gmail.com

Our facebook group page

Or search Sunrise Method – Chinese Character Search on the App store

If you find the sunrise method app useful,
Please donate..it’s for a good cause and the more money we raise the more we can improve product and expand reach. Click here to donate.

appstoreAvailable to you on the iPhone, iPad, and iTouch

A Long Time In The Making…

In the last 4 to 5 years, we have taken the time and effort to CRACK THE CODE AND CATEGORIZE all Chinese characters you will ever come across in simplified or traditional. In the future we’ll add Korean and Japanese versions of Characters.

We have dissected every Character’s mapping,
relationship, and pattern so that as long as you think of some related character you know based on
meaning, sound, spatial, you can find the
UNKNOWN character. If you know zero characters, we recommend starting with spatial and stroke count as a starting point.

It’s Character leverage of up to 10x. For example, from just knowing just 100 characters, you can easily search/learn 1000 characters. From our
methodology, you can easily learn meaning and sound correlations.


3 comments on “SunriseMethod

  1. Superb application! Especially the spatial layout search is amazing. For example I looked
    Up the character, Juan4, 雋 for 雋永 and
    It came out so quickly using stroke count!
    I actually timed myself vs dictionary look up
    And well no comparison, like 10x faster and
    Just much easier and stress free!

    Would be best if there were also 1 or 2 examples of related 生詞 just so we always can hop around.
    But Roger, awesome kickass Job!
    I fully support, and feel free to paste this on your other app reviews!

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