Take a long-term approach to Chinese characters

When we encounter challenges, both as beginners and as advanced learners, most people tend to make decisions that solve the immediate problems in the short-term. This is a minimum-effort approach which is natural and useful most of the time. If we only need to spend a certain time to overcome a given problem, why invest […]

Character #293: 信

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The character 信[ㄒㄧㄣˋ] means honest or trust. It can also mean a letter or message. Here is the stroke order animation and pronunciation. Here are the individual strokes for writing the character. Here is the definition in Taiwanese Mandarin. Here is the evolution of 信. 信[ㄒㄧㄣˋ]任[ㄖㄣˋ] – to…

Sunrise method app instructional video


all you wanted to know about how to use the app.

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Sunrise method App instructional video – in detail

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I’m learning Chinese at beginner level and I really struggle when it comes to learning Chinese characters by heart. How to learn the character? I think at the beginning, it is to make a story for each character and that can make you interested in it very well and it can…

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And people say learning English is hard! All you need to do is watch the first few minutes of this video (ignore the initial few seconds that I assume set up the song that comes next) to appreciate the overwhelming work that language learners must feel! Imagine — you arrive…

How to learn and approach learning Chinese Characters

How to learn and approach learning Chinese Characters   It is unfair to say learning the first 2000 characters is easier or harder than learning the next 4000 characters.  The most important point is HOW you approach learning Chinese characters.  The one-by-one memorization method is the worst way, however many Chinese teachers and children learn […]