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How To ‘IKEA’ Chinese Character On App

If your biggest fear stems from unknown signs, we are here to help you break them down before they do the same to you. We will help you to IKEA (break down and assemble) a character to search its meanings and more. I relish the achievement gained from a big struggle. If you are the […]

Here Are Some Screen Shots of SunriseMethod In Action…

Here are a few screenshots of SunriseMethod in action. We encourage you to try it out for yourself and let us know what you think. Here’s a direct link to the app download:

Is Chinese Really the Hardest Language On Earth? Here’s a Sample From Our Upcoming Book…

Is Chinese Really the Hardest Language On Earth? FACT OR FICTION? “Chinese is the hardest language in the world.” Every time we hear that, we’ve gotta smile. The unspoken implication is: only geniuses or people who forego their social lives can lean Chinese. Well, call us crazy, but we disagree. And we’re the very examples […]